Sunday, December 7, 2008

The countdown begins

Only 4 weeks to go and our faithful big red truck has broken down already!


petemc said...

Now you know not to substitute water for diesel kris.

lea mac said...

I'm so jealous of you both, have a blast for all of us you have left behind at the salt mines xoxoxo

timboambo said...

What happened to "40 reasons why the truck broke down"?? I'll make a start:
1.the truck's load is heavier than a neutron star
2. what petermc said! I know diesel is expensive, but water as a replacement wont cut it
3. dont let siam do the vehicle servicing
4. its not a holden (correct eh, Merlin)
5.if you spent as much money on the cruiser as you did on lens filters you'd be cheering.'re using the engine computer (if it has one) to run that satelite dish!
7 better still, the on-board computer has caught the very first virus from your apple mac.
8. God doesn't want you to succeed.
9. sara's family has sabotaged it so she can stay home
10. google's influence has grown to a point that it can affect car engines. (same as point 8)

Thats 10....a good start

simon said...

Gold... keep that sort of commentary up for 6 months and you will have a comedic masterpiece ready for publishing!

All the best, and worst, of luck for your adventures. Looking forwards to hearing about them.


Sime & Kyza

Anonymous said...

invest in engine kris....lens will not run this BRT...diesel will...anyways you have good news in horizon...diesel is getting cheaper soon

The nutty farmers said...

He he ha ha, lets hope this is the only trouble you get into on your journey but I doubt it!!
Hope you guys are having an awesome time....we miss you already.
xxx Kim & Chris

Mother Duck said...

You look like you are having the best time. You both have missed your calling you should be writing books. Have a great time & be safe until your next blog. Mother Duck from the SCADA Group.